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Dal 17 giugno al 27 luglio tornano le Vacanze in Fattoria, per bambini e ragazzi da 5 a 14 anni! Trascorri l'estate in una vera Fattoria Didattica immersa nella natura, a contatto con gli animali!

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Summer Camps in the Farm 2024

Summer Camps in the Farm 2024

From 24 June to 27 July, we plan the Holidays in the Farm, the summer camps for children from 5 to 14 years old.

Children will have the chance to live in a real farm, in contact with animals and nature, playing and having fun at open air, eating the genuine products of the garden.
During the day all the activities of the farm are held, such as feeding animals, giving the milk to the calves, milk the cows and turn milk into cheese. Every day children will pick up the eggs used to make delicious biscuits and cakes and with the fruit picked up, they will learn how to make artisanal ice-cream. Do not miss moments of fun and games in the pool!

Every day there's horse riding: stables activities, grooming, approaching to the horse and Baptism of the saddle. Every day, we will experience the thrill of getting on the saddle and we will meet this fantastic animal.

Besides farm activities, every week a topic will be discussed!

"We meet the horse"
A week dedicated to the riding world and to the horse!
Every day there are vet classes, mascalcia and theory of the horse. Every afternoon we will approach to this splendid animal: from grooming to saddling.
Daily horse riding classes and to conclude a walk around the Ranch park.
Week organised in collaboration with ENGEA, National Environmental Equestrian Guides Organization.

"English Camp"
Every day there's a ludic didactic class in English and funny activities coordinated by a teacher! We will learn English while we have fun! 

"Our four-legged friends: we meet the dog!"
A week dedicated to the dog, our four-legged friend!
By the Educational Farm there's a professional breeding of dogs, recognized by ENCI, we have two breeds: the Samoyedo and the Mountain Bernese. Thanks to them, children learn to interact with dogs, caress them and take care of them. The dog experts of "DeCouture - Dog Fitness Resort" will teach children the approaching to the dog, the behaviour, the different breeds and the proper nutrition. There will be funny moments of grooming and brushing dogs.

"English Camp"
English Camp is a funny week: every day there's a ludic didactic class in English and funny activities coordinated by a teacher! We will learn English while we have fun! And for who will stop to sleep, fun and learning will continue to the evening!
*This week it will be possible to participate to the weekly camp with overnight stay!

"Spanish Camp"
A funny Spanish camp: every day there's a ludic didactic class and exciting activities in Spanish coordinated by Spanish Prof. Juan Camarena Molina. We will learn Spanish while we have fun!

"Bike Camp"
An adventurous week will be waiting for us! 
Instructors and trainers of the international team UCI "Four Es" will have fun children riding a bicycle. Between routes, team competitions and realy races, we will learn the techniques and the proper behaviour on a bike! It's recommended to bring your own bike and helmet. For who does not have a bike we will give those of the team.
Furthermore, every week we will take fanstastic walks to discover the territory. We will find out the misteries of Castelbrando, with a guide who will take us in the most secret corners of the castle. A walk along the Fiadora and then the visit to the Follina Abbey, with its magnificent cloister. The Vie Dell’Acqua and the Bosco delle Penne Mozze, all the history enclosed in the undergrowth.

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The Educational Farm for schools

The Educational Farm for schools

The educational farm, surrounded by the countryside, is made from an old barn. In the didactic park you can meet the five typical environments of the territory: the rural environment, the lake and the humid area, the pasture, the orchard and the wood. There are also lawns, gardens and a nice pool to play. We have the stables with horses and foals and a stable with fences where cows and calves graze. Sometimes a surprise: two small eyes, a tail that moves in the grass... a calf is born!!!

The educational Farm plans didactic visits for schools, offering activities and workshops for kids of kindergarten, primary school and secondary school. For further information and find out your suitable workshop, call the number 349 2426013.
Eating and sleeping in the farm

Eating and sleeping in the farm

In the farm you can taste our products: sopressa and handmade salami, cheese made with our cows milk, the fruit and the vegetables of our garden. To conclude with our pies and artisanal ice-cream, made with our milk and just with raw chosen materials.

The rooms are made from the old barn and they all have the mezzanine to sleep wih your friends, as the famous bedroom of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. In the morning, we will wake up with the growing of the rooster and many little friends will be waiting for us to get cuddles.

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What are educational farms?

An educational farm is an agriculture or touristic company, where “active” educational activities are held, especially for kids and children. The company keeps being a productive reality at all the effects, education is an integration to the normal activities. These promoted by the farm are held by our qualified staff.

The aim of the educational farm is to promote the knowledge of activities that take place in the farm, involving the guests (kids, teenagers and also adults) in the realization of a typical “product” or in other agriculture activities, such as the harvest of fruit and vegetable products.

Why are they so important?

Educational farms make contact between urban world and rural world. They open to the public the farms through the promotion and education. They promote in the new generations and sociaties traditions and customs of the country culture. Most importantly, educational farms improve crafts and artesanal manual skill with direct experience. The educative value of the project and the possibility to requalify the agriculture activities as a complementary source of income and marketing tool contribute to the most popolarity of the iniziative in Italy and in the world.

Functions of educational farms

The legislative decree 228 of 18 May 2001, “Orientation and modernization of the agriculture sector”, indicates the recreational and educational activities that aim to a better knowldge of the territory among the multifunctional activities of a farmer.
Modernity, urbanization and industrialization have allowed to pay less attention to the countries activities, local products and transformations that these have to face before arriving to the supermarket and then our tables. Educational farms represent the ideal place where observe in person nature and agriculture work.
Under the guidance of qualified operators, adults and children learn to know better the rural environment, plants, animals and the products of the land. They try new typical agriculture activities and ancient crafts.


La Fattoria Didattica La Dolza

The educational farm La Dolza has decided to take part of the companies subscribed to Terranostra, trade association of Coldiretti.

Moreover, it ha signed the Paper of Quality offering the services in full compliance of the actual rules and it’s signed to the register of Regione Veneto.

Further information about educational farms in Veneto, go to the link Fattorie Didattiche in Veneto.
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